Mezze Plate
Pesto and Goat Cheese Pita (vegetarian or with chorizo)
Chicken Ravioli
Skewered Prawns
Affineur Cheese Plate
Vanilla Creme Brulee
Passionfruit Panna Cotta


Mince, salami, pepperoni, fillet steak and oregana

District 9

Garlic inflamed prawns with onion and capsicum

Finger Lickin'

Pan seared chicken and onion and capsicum


Zucchini, eggplant and capsicum


Tomato, cheese and oregana

Nut crusted prawns

seared house made prawn sausage, cauliflower two ways

Vegetarian plate

- fried mediterranean patty with fresh diced tomato
- curried kidney beans, house made pita, lemon yoghurt
- crispy pumpkin ravioli, crumbed fetta

Petuna smoked salmon

semi sun dried tomato, sweetened beetroot cubes, chive sour cream, pickled onion, sliced radish

Crispy crumbed bocconcini

roasted capsicum in a reduced vinegar basil dressing and toasted pancetta

Braised field mushroom

mediterranean vegetables, rocket fetta salad, lemon pesto

Pork on the bone

pork cutlet, smashed pumpkin, mushroom ragu, buttered snow peas with red wine jus

Market fresh fish

cumin scented cous cous, lemon yoghurt, tomato and capsicum infusion

Grilled beef eye fillet

thyme infused potato, caramelised onions, black olive puree, beef tortellini

Broccoli with crushed hazelnut butter
Potatoes with rosemary
Mixed leaf salad with apple, walnut, parmesan and olive oil, balsamic dressing

Apple creme brulee

vanilla infused apple puree, dried apple chips and vodka soaked apple cubes

Chocolate slab

butterscotch, vanilla ice cream and toffee popcorn dust

Summer berry panna cotta

sweet berry and basil salad, fresh yoghurt

Affineur cheese plate

selection of fine cheeses served with seasonal fruits and nuts, toasted raisin loaf and lavosh